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Weekly Winners (Week 31)

And these are the winners of Week 31: Mariella De Luca (20.00 YNG)federica trapletti (13.33 YNG)Giuseppe Bosio (8.89 YNG). Tu (5.93 YNG)Fabrizio Oliva (3.95 YNG)Celestino Marini (2.00 YNG)Vittorio Dalbon (2.00 YNG)Furia 18 (2.00 YNG)Dimitri Bazzucchi (2.00 YNG)Ivano Dieli (2.00 YNG) Every Sunday at midnight the ranking…


Weekly Winners (Week 28)

And these are the winners of Week 28: Tonio Veratti (20.00 YNG) Davide 90 (13.33 YNG) Giuseppe Bosio (8.89 YNG) . Tu (5.93 YNG) Mauro Chiricó (3.95 YNG) Alina Stevanovic (2.00 YNG) Mariella De Luca (2.00 YNG) Giancarlo Dascoli (2.00 YNG) Piero Landi (2.00 YNG)…


We’re Crowdfunding!

A few minutes ago our equity crowdfunding campaign went live on Seedrs and it’s now open to everyone! In just 3 days of the private campaign (dedicated to our “big investors” and to the most active users of our community) we reached more than…


Referral is back

We are happy to announce that the Stepdrop Referral programme is back for both iOS and Android. It’s simple: on iOS, you can find the button at the bottom of the Stepdrop section. On Android, you can find it in the Settings section. Invite your…