Climb down to the cellar or to your garage, go to your son’s room or look into the cupboard under the tv, you may find the board game that made the 10-year-old you dream about becoming a true real estate shark: Monopoly.

Lay the board, place the tokens and pile your money. All set?

Let’s start.

We are going to tell you all the secrets behind the Blockchain technology.

Chapter 1

The Blockchain’s worldwide reputation is mostly due to the crypto world, where it performed best.

The Blockchain is, in fact, the digital infrastructure upon which the exchange and safe custody of criptocurrencies bases itself.

To better understand what this means, let’s sit with our friends to play Monopoly.

First, try taking the board away. Done?

Let’s start with the first round.

How, you ask? Without the board, it’s impossible to move the tokens, buy the properties, fight over Mayfair, nor build rows of tiny green houses.

Bingo! This is the bottom line. Without the board, there is no game.

In other words, having only notes and tokens is not enough to start playing. Even if we are all gathered around the table, everyone with his own wallet of notes and with his token, we can’t do a thing.

Monopoly can only start when we put back in the middle the true foundation of the game, the board.

If we were in the digital world and we wanted to buy, sell or transfer our virtual money, together with the same friends we are playing Monopoly with, the board would be called Blockchain. It works in the same exact way: the Monopoly board (infrastructure) makes it possible for us to play Monopoly, just like the Blockchain technology enables the exchange of virtual money between the users.

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