Chapter 2

Come on, player, things are about to get serious. Let’s place the tokens on GO to start playing.

But first, we must revise one of the most important roles of Monopoly. The Banker.

Thanks to the new playing field, the Blockchain, we don’t need him anymore. His duties and obligations are now split among the players, who don’t have a central figure to refer to anymore.

The Blockchain is a game board that gives an extra tool to every player: the shared ledger. This is a digital ledger that you can easily access from your laptop or mobile, and of which everyone holds a downloaded copy in their device.

Now it’s your turn, throw the dices: 6.

You end up on The Angel, Islington, right where you wanted. It’s the last missing property you need to build the houses, but it belongs to your friend Samu. You ask him to sell it to you and he accepts (for a hefty price!) but first, you must pay him the property tax.

With little enthusiasm, you pay the tax, and, through a second payment, you give him the amount agreed upon to finally seize the last property.

In a standard play round, the banker would’ve had the duty to guarantee the transparency of the transaction, which means making sure that you are not cheating and that the paid amount is the actual one demanded by your friend Samu. In case one of you had tried any funny business, the banker would have acted as the referee, validating one side or the other. His role of mediator is not needed anymore, thanks to the Blockchain.

Now, on the shared ledger, every player can check the transactions you made with Samu, including both the payment of the tax and the purchase of the property.

If we used online Monopoly (Blockchain version) and played with users scattered all around the world, they too could verify that you actually paid The Angel to Samu on their copy of the shared ledger.

This way, the new playing field makes the exchanges smoother and quicker, but most of all public. However, the Blockchain wouldn’t be an innovative platform without two features: immutability and democracy.

Oops! Your turn is over! Keep playing and you will discover other features of the Blockchain.