Picture a great market, a huge market.

The Exchange is the market of cryptos

Technically, the Exchange is a platform where it is possible to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, just like at the market, as if you were exchanging a handful of pounds for 2 lbs of potatoes.

The stock markets of New York, London and Tokyo are also huge markets. Investors speculate on the market price volatility of shares, or, in other words, they trade stock shares.

Trading: digital bargaining of shares, foreign currencies and derivative financial products, through online communication between buyers and sellers. E-trading, unlike other forms of online commerce, spread instantly and widely, as it was perceived as a secure activity, being very similar to the way global stock markets work.

Besides trading cryptocurrencies, on exchange platforms users can practice speculation. If you have any cryptos, you can try and speculate on their value fluctuation.

Cryptocurrencies, as a matter of fact, don’t have a fixed value. 1 Bitcon isn’t necessarily worth 1 Euro. Its value is in direct proportion to its use: the more users adopt Bitcoin, the more it is worth.  If nobody were to buy and sell Bitcoin, its value would quickly sink.

In 2017 Bitcoin became so popular that its price went sky-high: 1 Bitcoin was worth almost $20.000. Not bad, is it?

Those lucky investors, the passionate pioneers who had a small portion of Bitcoin, are now millionaires.

Of course, trading is not easy. This is why we want to make cryptos accessible to everybody, this is why we created Young Project.

Trading teaches us that cryptocurrencies are, first of all, an investment. On the Exchange, we can keep up with the trend of their prices, decide whether to buy or sell and, lastly, convert the value we earned in Pounds, right onto our bank account.