All the answers you are looking for to start investing in Young Platform.

What am I buying when investing?

When you invest, you are purchasing a share of Young Agency Srl. The investors participating in the equity crowdfunding campaign of a company become shareholders of that very company. As a shareholder, you’ll be entitled to dividends from future revenue streams and a return on investment in case of sale of the shares, after a period – according to the current law – of 3 years, during which the innovative start-ups can’t distribute dividends. 

How much can I invest?

The minimum an investor can allocate is 50 Euro. On the other hand, there is no maximum limit for a single investment: for any amount invested, the operation is carried out completely online, from the commitment to the project, to the bank transfer or credit card deposit.

What happens to my investment if the campaign goes in Overfunding, meaning that it raises more than what was set as a target?

In case of overfunding (exceeding the funding objective), the offeror company could extend the capital increase and set a new target amount.

Otherwise, it could decide to close the crowdfunding, once it achieved the set goal, and not to accept other investors.

what happens if the start-up doesn’t raise the target amount?

For every campaign, there is a minimum goal, which is set lower than the overall campaign goal. If the fundraising goes over the minimum amount, the raised funds are collected by the start-up.

What extra expenses are there besides the investment?

There won’t be any extra expense, except for any commission that may be required by your bank.

When will I be able to invest?

The crowdfunding is already live on Seedrs

How can I profit from this investment?

If in the future Young Agency Srl were to be acquired by a third firm (Exit), enter the stock market (IPO) or if the company’s net worth were to increase, the investor would obtain profit from the investment. Thanks to the attentive selection made by the team Young in choosing its partners, we’re able to guarantee the investors the opportunity to resell and purchase their shares even during this first phase (see the next answer).

The Secondary Market on Seedrs

Seedrs, the crowdfunding platform we are operating on, provides the chance to exchange the shares of Young Agency Srl on the Secondary Market.

The Secondary Market tackles a sore spot for crowdfunding platforms. Investing in early-stage companies and start-ups is an
illiquid and high-risk form of investment, since most of the profits, if there’s any, require a long time.

This is why Seedrs created the Secondary Market, where registered users can buy and sell shares on which they invested.

Only people who already invested in the Young project can acquire additional shares thanks to the Secondary Market service. Essentially, the sale and purchase of the shares of Young Agency srl is open to every investor on Seedrs. Every investor on the platform can buy shares from other investors or sell them to get an economic return right away.

The market is open once a month, starting from the first Tuesday, for a week. Not every kind of share can be sold on the secondary market, and the possibility to sell or buy is determined by the requests from other investors.

What is Young Platform’s net worth?

Its pre-money valuation is of € 8.5 million.

Young Agency srl has already closed two capital increases, by approving two valuations: the first one of €500,000 in February 2018 and another of €2,5 million in November 2018.

What are the risks of investing in an Equity Crowdfunding campaign?

To invest in a start-up is a high-risk investment. It’s a given fact that betting on something that is new, on an idea and the project to realise it, on an entity that has no history, betting on results that are yet to be presented and on promised dividends can lead, worst-case scenario, to loss of capital, due to the failure of the enterprise or to a growth trend that was too weak to achieve the set goal. This is why we advise to take precaution and make sure to have the means to economically bear the eventual loss of the entire capital invested.

The entity of the risk should make the client aware of the necessity to take specific precautions so that the capital directly invested in the startup may NOT represent a significant portion of his/her assets and that it may NOT be destined to a short- or medium-term investment goal.

PLEASE NOTE: investing in Young Agency does not entail any legal liabilities.

Can I resell my shares?

Yes, the shares of the Young Agency Srl start-ups can be sold on the Secondary Market available on Seedrs.

What is the current regulation in the United Kingdom on cryptocurrencies and exchange platforms?

Currently, there is no specific regulation on cryptocurrencies in the UK, here’s how it works for the time being.

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