To finance a company through an equity fundraising means to invest money in exchange for shares of their capital, thus becoming a full-fledged shareholder. If a company you invested in achieves success, the shares you bought could increase in value, compared to the purchase cost.

7 reasons to invest in Young Platform:

  1. The investor receives a number of company “shares” from Young Agency Srl at the moment of investment.
  2. If in the future Young Agency Srl were to be acquired by a third firm (Exit), enter the stock market (IPO) or if the company’s net worth were to increase, the investor would obtain profit from the investment.
  3. The equity crowdfunding campaign is on Seedrs, one of the most important investment platforms in the United Kingdom. This guarantees the investor a high protection level, in fact, this platform is very attentive in selecting the companies and has a very strict Due diligence procedure.
  4. Seedrs, the crowdfunding platform we are operating on, provides the chance to exchange Young Agency Srl stocks on the secondary Market (find out more by clicking here).
  5. The pre-money valuation of the Young Platform project is of € 8.5 million.
  6. Starting from €250 of investment, for every invested Euro you’ll receive 1 Young token. If, for instance, you invested €500 Euro, besides becoming a shareholder of Agency, at the end of the campaign you’ll be accredited 500 Young tokens.
  7. Diversify your portfolio. Another upside to investing in equity crowdfunding is the possibility for the investor to more easily diversify his/her portfolio, by betting on companies that operate in different sectors, such as that of the sharing economy, agritech, 3D printing or the FinTech-crypto industry, like Young.

Other advantages

  • We find ourselves in a period of unprecedented technological development, within all sectors, R&D investments multiplied, exponentially increasing the chance for successful start-ups to exit. Moreover, the start-ups adopting a lean approach can create product prototypes and models without having to use up big equities.
  • We are investing within the real economy, not in unpredictable stock market titles, but in companies consisting of few people and with great growth potential. Furthermore, this allows us to provide other start-ups with our experience, in terms of culture, management and as entrepreneurs. This translates also to a great social benefit, especially for future generations, that are going to have more job opportunities and benefit from today’s investments.   
  • Start-ups create new business models, consequently revolutionising old ones. The sharing economy opened everyone’s eyes to the possibility of creating new jobs and new sources of income, tackling the issue of unemployment head-on. Service providers such as Airbnb, Uber and BlaBlacar generate real benefits for everyone, this is why they should be understood, incentivised and regulated, in order to generate economic income for those who provide and a new service for those who use it.
  • The Crowd Economy seems to draw near with an even stronger push. It’s an economy based on people, that engages the crowd in choosing the features of a product/service, in funding it through investments or loans. Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing are the first embodiments of this new school of thought. In 2014 alone Crowdfunding recorded over $16,8 billion with a 167%* growth.
  • Co-investment is useful for everyone, even for a professional investor, venture capital, holdings and investment funds, besides banks and investment firms that, by sharing the investment through equity crowdfunding, share the risks associated with it too. It can raise the investor’s status as a leading investor, thus creating a benefit also in terms of future co-investments. Professional investors all around the world are diversifying their portfolio, by allocating part of it to the investment in start-ups, with a view to obtaining better returns that are going to balance out the smaller ones from traditional investments.

Here, you can invest in our campaign:

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