Pro Exchanges are platform commonly used to speculate or simply trade Bitcoin and Ethereum with other minor cryptocurrencies. They feature advanced trading functionalities and technical analysis tools, which allow traders to go long or short.

The pros…

A Pro Exchange is a full-fledged trading tool, where usually around 100 currencies are listed. It enables a wider overview of the market, it provides extra services, but Pro Exchanges are definitely much more complex to use.

However, fees are generally lower, compared to those of Gateway Exchanges.

…And cons

The interface of this kind of exchange is complex, the steps needed for any operation are hard and often require a high level of competencies.

Most of the Pro Exchanges don’t allow direct conversion of FIAT currency into cryptocurrency, therefore requiring an ulterior step (consequently, commission fees increase).

Clearly, both categories, Gateway Exchanges and Advanced Trading Exchanges, are essential to the economic-financial system that cryptocurrencies created, which makes them complementary.

As of today, as a matter of fact, no platform on the market meets all the users’ needs in terms of quantity and quality of the purchasable currencies, interface and commission fees.

The Young Platform project starts out with this very concept. To create the first user-friendly Exchange, supporting both in and out transactions of Fiat currency (pounds or euros) to directly purchase cryptocurrencies, and providing a wide range of cryptos.

Given that it’s the first exchange where all operations can be completed on the same platform, Young Platform is a full-blown revolution! 

Thanks to your and our partners’ support, this project is becoming a reality.

Before going into detail about Young Platform, you need to find out about the features and functionalities of another essential tool for any investor: the wallet!