And these are the winners of Week 34:

lima Walter (20.00 YNG)
Furia 18 (13.33 YNG)
Nicola Ramella (8.89 YNG)
Antonio Primozic (5.93 YNG)
Davide 90 (3.95 YNG)
Luciana Labardo (2.00 YNG)
Luca Odoguardi (2.00 YNG)
vito  d’ambra (2.00 YNG)
Francesco  Megale (2.00 YNG)
Alice  Giordano (2.00 YNG)

Every Sunday at midnight the ranking will be reset, but the YOUNG (YNG) you collected during the week are always going to stay in your Wallet.

Thank you for your participation in our contest!

Keep on walking to earn YOUNG and move up the ranks!

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The Young Team