We envisioned changing the world.
and we want to do it with you
We envisioned a global economy, built on people.
And we are sure that with the right tools it can be done.
This is why Stepdrop is going to change its look and mission.

In the next months, we are going to expand the game&education areas,
to walk along with you down a path that is going to improve your financial habits.
With a new interface and original features, we are going to make your journey into the crypto-world a way to better manage your finances and your investments.
Knowledge is the greatest form of freedom and the best foundation to build the world on, as we envision it. To this purpose, Stepdrop is going to provide guides, insights, curiosities and news in real-time.
There are going to be new rewards in Young tokens, to allow you to create your investment wallet, to be used on the Young Platform exchange, and learn to trade.

Are you ready? We are about to start a new chapter of our story together.