Today the new version of Stepdrop is officially released for everyone!

On Android, it is already available, while for iOS the update will be released in the evening.

During the beta testing phase we made some improvements thanks to the feedback from our testers.

Now you can fully enjoy our app, fresh out of a makeover:

  • with a different claim,
  • with new ways to earn Young,
  • with a new ranking,
  • and especially with an Education section enhanced with new features that will make it easier to navigate our cryptic world!

Rediscover all the details about the new features in our post or directly by updating the app today!

Note: Starting this week, the ranking on the old app will no longer be valid, instead only the rankings in the new version will be considered, so those who reach the top of the old ranking from October 28 will not receive Young.


2) For the Italian Marketplace:

Thursday, October 31 at 15.00 the raffle tickets (cost: 4 Young) will be released,
for the chance to win a €5 gift card! (cost: 21 Young)

Tuesday, November 5 at 17.00 we will draw the winning tickets on our Instagram @young_platform


The Young Team