Here are the winners of Week 43 and their rewards:

sloppy_joe (15.00 YNG)
luigi caforio (10.00 YNG)
obij2006 (6.67 YNG)
Luca Plastina (4.44 YNG)
Victor Lomuto (2.96 YNG)
Samuele Marabini (2.00 YNG)
Davide 90 (2.00 YNG)
Furia 18 (2.00 YNG)
Giuseppe D’amico (2.00 YNG)
Daniele Damo (2.00 YNG)

PLEASE NOTE: As of week 44, the two rankings of the new Stepdrop will take off. So, starting this week, the ranking on the old app will no longer be valid, instead only the rankings in the new version will be considered, so those who reach the top of the old ranking from October 28 will not receive Young.

As always, to guarantee a fair contest, winners cannot participate in the contest of the next week. Moreover, we ran ulterior controls on the top-ranked users’ claimed steps.

Every Sunday at midnight the ranking will be reset, but the YOUNG (YNG) you collected during the week are always going to stay in your Wallet.

Thank you for participating in our contest!

Keep on walking to climb the rankings and earn YOUNG!

The Young Team