As of today you can transfer the Young collected with Stepdrop to your Young Platform account!


How can I use them?

  • Save and buy new YNG tokens to get higher discounts on commissions when you purchase or sell other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.


How do I get started?

  1. Create an account on Young Platform 
  2. Verify your Identity with the KYC procedure


How do I transfer my YNG tokens?

Link your Stepdrop account to your new Young Platform account

  1. From the profile pic on the top right, click on Settings.
  2. The Profile subsection will open, scroll down and click on “Link Account“.
  3. Log in with your Stepdrop credentials and we will automatically connect your account.
  4. You’ll receive a confirmation email.


Withdraw your YNG from Stepdrop and deposit them on Young Platform

  1. Find the address of your YNG Wallet in the Wallet section of the exchange by selecting the YNG Wallet and clicking on Deposit.
  2. Go to Stepdrop in the Wallet section and tap on “send”.
  3. Copy or scan the address of your YNG Wallet.
  4. Enter the amount of YNG you intend to transfer and press “Next”.
  5. A summary of the requested transaction will appear.
  6. To confirm the transaction, swipe up.

Please note!

  • the minimum amount of YNG that can be transferred at a time is 41 YNG
  • the maximum amount of transferable YNG is 150 YNG every 30 days.


The transfer will take about half an hour,

if after two hours it still doesn’t show up on your Young Platform account, contact [email protected]