We are happy to announce that today, on the Young Platform exchange, the YNG token purchase session is open.

You have time to buy our cryptocurrency until Sunday, February 2nd to store it in your Young Platform Wallet.

The purchase of YNG tokens opens the last week of each month. The next purchase session is scheduled for February 24th.

Why buy YNG?

The more YNG you own, the less commission you pay when you buy or sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (see table).

Find out your Discount Level on the Young Platform exchange. There are 6 levels, from Starter to Hodler.

The YNG token is a cryptocurrency, just like Bitcoin, with its own value on the market.

Discount percentage on transactions based on tokens owned:

**The holding values of the YNG token may vary over time.

The Youngplatform.com exchange charges a commission (fee) on any purchase, sale or withdrawal order you may place.

To learn more, visit the new YNG token section on your Youngplatform.com account or the dedicated Support section by clicking here.

Discounts are applied to any type of transaction (purchase and sale) both between crypto and crypto (ex. I buy Ripple with Bitcoin) and between fiat currency and crypto (ex. I buy Bitcoin with Euro or I sell Bitcoin for Euro).

Discounts on fees are not applied to withdrawal transactions. 

In case you are entitled to multiple discounts, the highest discount will be activated on your account.