The compliance with the directives of the Ministerial Decree, the sense of responsibility and the contribution to containing the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) led us to the decision of postponing the launch of the new Stepdrop functionality, the new Ranking.

For this reason, the implementation of this functionality will be rescheduled to a date to be defined. We are confident that you will understand our choice to safeguard everyone’s health.

The Young team will remain operational in smart working and continue to create content, articles and guides that will keep you updated on the crypto market situation and on the strategies that will be put in place by the company to overcome the difficult situation in the best possible way, by dealing with it together with our community.

The One-to-One service to receive a phone consultation on the market situation and Young Platform procedures will also remain active, and you can easily book one by clicking here.

The Support service is also available for all our users, accessing and sending a request from the appropriate website (if you are not registered to Young Platform write to [email protected]).

We invite you to stay updated through our Stepdrop app or the Young Blog website.

Since no project is carried out without the cooperation of the whole group, we are equally sure that the unity of the team and the community will guarantee Young to go through this moment with great seriousness and effectiveness.

The Young Team