Young is pleased to announce that as of today it will be possible to buy one of the most important stablecoins, USD Coin (USDC), on our exchange.

Like all other stablecoins, USDC can be a fallback option in these times of high volatility in the markets.


What is USDC?

USDC is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is “pegged” to the US dollar, which means that each USDC represents 1 US Dollar.



USDC is one of the stablecoins with the highest liquidity and market capitalisation.

Furthermore, it is a certified project whose reserves are audited every month by 5 accounting companies including Grant Thornton LLP.


How much is 1 USDC worth?

1 USDC = 1 $

This means that if, for example, I convert 1,000 Euros into USDC, I end up with the equivalent in US dollars.

Following this example: if 1€ corresponds to $1.11

1000 Euro = 1187.83 USDC


Which USD Coin pairs will be available on Young Platform?





What are the fees for USDC?

Fees for USDC range from 2.5% to 1.35%.

Euro – USDC: 2.5%

Bitcoin – USDC: 1.35%.

Ethereum – USDC: 1.35%.