As of today, the new Up & Down feature is available for Stepdrop beta testers!

Soon available to all Stepdrop users.

How does it work?

With this feature, you can predict the trend of the most popular cryptocurrencies and receive a prize if you guess right

  1. Select a coin
  2. Tap Up if you think its price will increase or Down if you think it will decrease.
  3. Decide how many YNG you’re willing to put in the game
  4. Set the duration of the wait for the price to change.
  5. Confirm and cross your fingers!

NB: It is not possible to place multiple predictions on the same coin at the same time.



If you win, you will receive 80% more than the YNG tokens you bet, otherwise, you will lose them all.
If the starting and closing prices are even, you will only get back the YNGs you put in.

Example: You placed 10 YNG on the rising price of Bitcoin in 30m.

  • If the price of BTC actually goes up after 30m, you will receive 18 YNG.
  • If the price returns exactly the same as at the beginning, you will receive 10 YNG.
  • If the price drops, you will not receive the prize.

Update Stepdrop, test the feature and let us know what you think!

The Young Team