Here are the results of the first week of Up&Down accomplished by the Stepdrop Community and the weekly market trend

Results Overview

Right = 54.3%

Wrong =  45.7%

Total forecasts: 25.059

Best player of the week won: 5.59 YNG


BTC Market


Just a few days before the Halving, BTC is recording a bullish trend (+12.17% in the last 7 days), re-emerging after the lock-down period with an extraordinary performance that brings it to +41.94% compared to last month. The price is around $10,000, with strong growth in volumes, confirming the great interest that the halving is generating.

Rank: 1st

Dominance: 68%

Market Cap €168.852.465.956

Circulating Supply 18.368.925 BTC

ETH Market


The price of Ethereum ETH is also growing, with a performance of +24% in the last month. While waiting for news on Ethereum 2.0 (of which the founder Vitalik Buterin spoke during the Ethereal Summit), also the second cryptocurrency by capitalization seems to benefit from the pulling effect brought by Bitcoin and its imminent halving.

Rank: 2nd

Dominance: 9.7%

Market Cap: €21.739.332.597

Circulating Supply: 110.843.221 ETH


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