Here are the weekly Up&Down results accomplished by the Stepdrop Community and the current market trend.

Market BTC


We’ve just seen a week characterized by high volatility.
Bitcoin, after approaching $10,000, withdrew towards $9,000, dragging the entire market down.
The fall may be due to the global stocks dropping.
Today, BTC attempted to rebound, returning to the 9,500 area.

Rank: 1st

Market Cap€154,506,372,792

Circulating Supply: 18,402,393 BTC

Market ETH


Ethereum was also hit by this drop. ETH is currently in the $240 area. For some weeks now, it has been strongly over $200, overperforming bitcoin.

Rank: 2nd

Market Cap€23,434,967,254

Circulating Supply: 111,318,686 ETH


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