Young will be supporting Flare Network’s Spark (FLR) token airdrop, so all Ripple (XRP) holders on Young Platform and Young Platform Pro exchanges will be able to claim the Spark token.


Spark Token Distribution

Young will distribute the Spark token (FLR) to all Ripple (XRP) holders on the Young Platform and Young Platform Pro Exchanges based on the snapshot of their Ripple XRP balances on 12 December 2020, 00:00 UTC (approximate time).

Deposit or buy Ripple (XRP) with your Young account before this date, to be eligible for the airdrop. Users will receive Spark tokens in proportion to their XRP balance.

The amount of distributed Spark tokens for each user holding XRP will be calculated based on the following formula:

User A = Amount of XRP held by User A at the time of snapshot / Total XRP held by Young at the time of snapshot * Total SPARK received by Young for the airdrop

Please note:

  • Ripple (XRP) deposits, withdrawals and trading will be suspended starting from 11/12/2020 09:00 PM (CET).
  • After this time, Ripple (XRP) that has not been deposited will not be included in the distribution calculation.
  • The time of the snapshot and amount of distributed tokens may be adjusted according to changes on the Flare network.
  • The distribution for Spark tokens is currently set for the first half of 2021, and this is subject to change at Flare’s discretion.
  • Supporting this airdrop does not guarantee the listing of Spark on Young Platform and Young Platform Pro. The default position we have is no listing.


Thanks for your support!

The Young Team