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Investing in Young Platform FAQs

All the answers you are looking for to start investing in Young Platform. What am I buying when investing? When you invest, you are purchasing a share of Young Agency Srl. The investors participating in the equity crowdfunding campaign of a company become shareholders of that very company….


What is Crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding is an investment method available to everyone. It allows the financing of innovative start-ups through an online platform, by depositing any amount of money (starting from 10 €) in exchange for a number of shares of the chosen venture. Choosing to invest in…


The Marketplace is now available!

The Marketplace is now available! After a few weeks of hard work and delays due to Apple’s missing approval, we are happy to announce that Stepdrop’s Marketplace is now finally available! Stepdrop by Young Platform is an app intended to draw as many people as…


STEPDROP UPDATE – 16th April 2019

Greetings from everyone at Young Platform! The new Android update is going to bring great improvements to STEPDROP, both in performance and benefit:   – Android Wear OS devices are now supported by Stepdrop. – The ad video rewards are going to be doubled for the next 48h. – Architectural changes to…